Do Golf Cart Wheels Need To Be Balanced?

Owning a own golf cart can come with certain issues, especially when it comes to maintenance, such as, do the wheels need to be balanced? Maintaining the overall function of your golf cart’s wheels and tires will allow for longer use and a smoother ride, as well as less money in the long run. But … Read more

Can you use your own Golf Cart on a Golf Course?

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How to Disable the Backup Alarm on a Golf Cart

If you own an EZ Go TXT, RXV, Club Car, or any Yamaha Golf Cart you will likely encounter issues with your backup buzzer. Sometimes, you may find it too loud. Some golf cart owners have also encountered cases when the alarm always stays on. This issue may happen due to wires having loose contact. … Read more

How Long Does it Take To Charge A Golf Cart?

Golf cart batteries get discharged as you drive, quite unlike the vehicle batteries that get recharged in a similar process. This presents a bit of an inconvenience while cruising around in the golf cart, knowing that the batteries have the potential to drain to zero at any moment. Now when you run out of battery … Read more

How Many Batteries Are in an EZGo Golf Cart?

Batteries are typically one of the essential elements of a golf cart, just like the car battery is. But different from the car batteries, the golf carts use deep cycle batteries to power them not a gas-powered engine. This is so a steady current can be achieved for miles. The electrical drive system powered for … Read more

How to Make EZ GO Electric Golf Carts Faster

If you own a golf cart, at some point, you will notice that your cart is slowing down, or just want to simply go faster than stock. You probably have added accessories such as a rear seat or wheels which slow your cart down with the added weight. There could also be an issue such … Read more

Is Club Car Better Than EZGO? 10 Major Differences

Club Car and EZGO are among the most popular golf cart models on the market. Many buyers consider these two models the best out there. They are popular because they both focus on quality, beauty, and durability. However, it is difficult to say which model is better than the other. Hence, the need to compare … Read more

What’s the Difference between the EZGo RXV and TXT?

Nowadays, golf carts are practical and versatile vehicles that are no longer reserved for golfing only. They are used for beaching, to haul products around the neighborhood, for yard work, or just getting around the community. So golf cart manufacturers tend to produce newer models to satisfy these broader uses of golf carts. A newer … Read more

How to Find the Year of Your Golf Cart

A lot of the times we have to install new parts or golf cart accessories into the golf cart or just perform a simple repair. It may be during the process of a wheel or tire change, or just introducing new material into the cart, eg, lift kit. When undertaking any of these, it is … Read more