Do RV Parks Allow Gas Golf Carts?

Golf Course with all golf carts lined up

RV parks can be massive, and it can get tiring walking around back and forth all day long. You might already have a golf cart that you want to take camping with you, but it runs on gas instead of electricity. Do RV parks allow gas golf carts? Many RV parks do not allow gas … Read more

Should Golf Cart Wires Get Hot? How Much Is Too Much?

Golf Cart on a cart path

Should golf cart wires get hot? You may find yourself asking this question during routine maintenance on your golf cart, an entirely common concern and luckily one with a simple answer. Through basic troubleshooting, you will be able to uncover the cause for your golf cart wires getting hot. If they are getting hot, should … Read more

10 Reasons Why Golf Cart Batteries Blow Up

Golf Course with all golf carts lined up

Contrary to popular belief, golf cart batteries can and will blow up for several reasons, and that includes golf cart batteries as well. If you currently own, plan to own, or are considering the possibility of owning a golf cart, it is important to understand the possible dangers surrounding golf cart batteries and how to … Read more

Why do golf cart batteries corrode and how to prevent it?

Golf Cart 12 Volt Batteries

Owning a golf cart comes with yearly maintenance to keep it running for years to come. Golf cart batteries can easily corrode under certain circumstances so it is important to know what you need to do to prevent it. Why do golf cart batteries corrode? Golf cart batteries corrode by releasing acid due to incorrect … Read more

Are Golf Cart Wheels and Tires Universal?

Ladies Playing Golf Stepping out of a Golf Cart

If you have recently bought a golf cart or want to upgrade the look of your ride, one of the first questions you might ask is: What kind of wheels do I need? Golf cart wheels and tires are an important part of your ensemble and can make the difference between a relaxing day on … Read more

Do Golf Cart Batteries Make Noise When Charging? 3 Reasons

Golf cart battery on a charger

When charging your golf cart batteries, you may have noticed a noise during the process and this could have you wondering if it is normal for your golf cart batteries to make a noise while charging. Depending on the noise that is occurring, it could be completely normal and nothing to worry about or you … Read more

How To Buy A Used Golf Cart: 10 Things To Look For

Golf Cart on a cart path

Buying a used golf cart can be a stressful event if you are unsure of what you need to look for in order to make the most educated decision. It is completely normal to have some worry when looking to purchase anything that is used because nobody wants to be taken advantage of, especially on … Read more

Can You Replace Just One Battery On A Golf Cart?

Golf cart battery on a charger

When it comes time to replace the batteries in your golf cart, you may be tempted to just replace just one battery on a golf cart that has gone bad instead of all of them. Each person has their own reason for trying to save money, especially when it comes to hobbies or weekend activities … Read more

Do Golf Cart Wheels Need To Be Balanced?

Golf Cart on a cart path

Owning a own golf cart can come with certain issues, especially when it comes to maintenance, such as, do the wheels need to be balanced? Maintaining the overall function of your golf cart’s wheels and tires will allow for longer use and a smoother ride, as well as less money in the long run. But … Read more

Can you use your own Golf Cart on a Golf Course?

Golf Course with all golf carts lined up

When it comes to the question of whether or not you can use your own golf cart on a golf course, you can run into some confusion and possibly end up with even more questions. While the answer may not be completely precise, there is important information to know and understand when it comes to … Read more