Can you use your own Golf Cart on a Golf Course?

When it comes to the question of whether or not you can use your own golf cart on a golf course, you can run into some confusion and possibly end up with even more questions. While the answer may not be completely precise, there is important information to know and understand when it comes to using your own golf cart, especially on a private golf course.

So, can you use your own golf cart on a golf course?

Most golf courses allow players to utilize their own golf carts to play. Some will even have golf cart storage available. There are rules and regulations you will need to follow, insurance liability waivers to fill out, and fees typically associated with using your own golf cart on a golf course.

There are a few different factors that will play a role in whether or not you can use your own personal golf cart and the club or golf course will reserve the right to either approve or deny your use of your own golf cart, as is their right.

You have the opportunity to take advantage of certain privileges set by the club or golf course and you will need to abide by their regulations in order to utilize those privileges.

These factors will include but may not be limited to signing a liability waiver, passing a golf cart safety inspection, and remaining in compliance with the golf course’s rules and fee payments. Being allowed to use your own personal golf cart will be decided by the golf course of your interest and the privilege may be terminated at any given time if you are found to not be in compliance with their rules and regulations or up to date on your course fees.

Factors That May Affect The Use Of Your Own Golf Cart

Liability Waivers:

The signing of a liability waiver is usually required in addition to other factors regarding personal golf cart use. The liability waiver will relieve the golf course and/or club of any and all liability concerning any loss or damage that may befall your personal golf cart while on their property, whether in use or being stored.

This waiver will typically require the owner of the golf cart to provide updated yearly proof of liability insurance on the golf cart in question with a minimum deductible and payout which will be outlined for you by the golf course. Refusing to sign the waiver or not following the liability guidelines of the waiver can result in golf cart privilege termination.

Inspection Requirements:

Different golf courses will have different requirements when it comes to what will and what will not pass their inspection of your personal golf cart. For an updated inspection or requirement list, you should contact the golf course of your choice as they could be completely different than other places. Inspection requirements will generally include, but may not be limited to:

  • Whether the golf cart is battery-powered or gas-powered
  • The type of drivetrain your golf cart has, ie. rear-wheel drive
  • The overall size of your golf cart, ie. the width and/or length
  • The weight of your golf cart
  • Street or Turf friendly tires
  • Safety features and maintenance, ie. appropriate tires, brake condition, etc.

Your golf cart must pass the inspection of the golf course of your choice for insurance purposes, as well as the overall appearance and safety measures being up to date and in functional order. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in the club or golf course suspending your personal golf cart privileges temporarily or permanently.

Golf Course Cart Fees:

The majority of golf courses you will come in contact with will require certain cart fees to be paid in order to access their facilities and make use of their accommodations. It is important to contact the course of your choosing and obtain an updated list of their cart fees and how much these fees will run regarding the use of your personal golf cart.

Most golf cart fees will be either daily or for a season. Daily cart fees can be about $8-15 and annual cart fees can be from $150-500.

Obtaining and understanding the different types of fees and dues the club or course of your choice requires will be an important step towards gaining access to their course with your own personal golf cart. The club or golf course of your choosing reserves the right to make changes at any time to their list of fees and it will be your responsibility to stay updated on those changes in order to maintain your course and golf cart privileges.

Rules and Regulations:

Obtaining the okay to use your personal golf cart at the club or golf course of your choice will require you to follow and stay up to date on their rules and regulations. Each club and golf course will have its own set of rules and regulations that cater specifically to their complex. These rules and regulations set forth by the club or golf course of your choosing are in place to allow the complex to run efficiently. These rules and regulations will generally include, but may not be limited to:

  • Whether or not you have a valid driver’s license, which will determine your use of any golf cart on their property
  • Golf cart capacity regulations
  • Golf cart safety and operation regulations
  • Proper golf cart trail use
  • Maintaining up to date club or course permit stickers
  • Golf cart speed limits

It is important to note that different areas and different clubs and courses will require you to abide by different sets of rules and regulations pertaining to your membership status and whether or not you are using your own golf cart or one of their golf carts. Staying informed on updated regulations and fees will give you your best chance at obtaining the okay to use your own golf cart.