What is the Wire Size for Golf Cart Batteries? 

Golf Cart Battery Wire

Whether you have a gas or electric golf cart, it will utilize batteries to help it operate. The batteries produce electricity which then gets transferred to other parts of the cart, including the motor and lights through the wiring. The batteries need wires or cables running to and from them, however, to control the flow … Read more

Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Need Water? 

Golf Cart Batteries with Automatic Watering System

If you have a golf cart that uses traditional lead acid batteries, as most golf carts do, you might be aware that your golf cart batteries need water. Depending on the size of your golf cart battery, you will have between two and eight battery cells, and every cell has its own water compartment.  Golf … Read more

Can You Mix Old and New Golf Cart Batteries? 

Golf Carts driving on the Cartpath

If you have an electric golf cart, then you understand how much of a handful they can be and you may be tempted to save some money and mix old and new golf cart batteries. Rather than having one large golf cart battery, most electric golf carts have a bank of four to eight batteries. … Read more

Can You Mix Golf Cart Battery Brands? 

Golf Cart 12 Volt Batteries

Owning a golf cart is a ton of fun, but it’s also a big and sometimes expensive responsibility. There are many different components on golf carts that can experience problems and need repairs or replacements. Your golf cart batteries are one such component. No matter what battery brand you have, they will eventually give out, … Read more

Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Swell? 

Golf Cart 12 Volt Batteries

Golf cart batteries fulfill a simple task, but the way they do it is complicated and demanding. Because of the intense stress that gets put on golf cart batteries, they’re prone to a number of issues. One of the biggest problems and hazards you can run into with your batteries is that they start to … Read more

Can Golf Cart Battery Charger Get Wet? 

Golf Cart Battery Charger

Most people know that electricity and water don’t mix, so it’s important to not let your golf cart battery charger get wet and keep electrical cords and connections out of the rain. However, there’s a fine line when it comes to leaving electrical devices, such as battery chargers, exposed to moisture. Some devices are more … Read more

Why Do Golf Cart Battery Cables Melt? 

Corroded Golf Cart Battery

It’s never fun when you’re driving your golf cart around and suddenly sense a burning smell coming from your golf cart. While it’s possible that oil, gas, or something on your engine is to blame, it’s more than likely your battery cables melting.  Golf cart battery cables melt when there’s too much current and electricity … Read more

Can I Use a Golf Cart Battery in a Truck? 

Golf Cart 12 Volt Batteries

Whether you have a dead battery in your truck or car or simply want to experiment a little, you’re probably wondering if you can use a golf cart battery in a truck. If you’re considering interchanging batteries with different vehicles, there are several factors to keep in mind. However, the main thing to consider is … Read more

Can You Leave an Electric Golf Cart Outside in the Winter? 

Golf Cart 12 Volt Batteries

One of the most challenging decisions electric golf cart owners who don’t live in the south have to make is how to store their golf carts for the winter. While cold weather doesn’t typically damage the body of an electric golf cart, it can wreak havoc on certain vital components.  You can store your electric … Read more