Can I Use a Golf Cart Battery in a Truck? 

Whether you have a dead battery in your truck or car or simply want to experiment a little, you’re probably wondering if you can use a golf cart battery in a truck. If you’re considering interchanging batteries with different vehicles, there are several factors to keep in mind. However, the main thing to consider is … Read more

Can You Leave an Electric Golf Cart Outside in the Winter? 

One of the most challenging decisions electric golf cart owners who don’t live in the south have to make is how to store their golf carts for the winter. While cold weather doesn’t typically damage the body of an electric golf cart, it can wreak havoc on certain vital components.  You can store your electric … Read more

How to Store Lithium Golf Cart Batteries in the Winter 

In the world of electric golf carts, there are two basic battery types – lead acid and lithium. While lead-acid is the more common of the two for golf carts because they’re cheaper, many people replace their lead-acid batteries with lithium ones. However, just as with lead-acid batteries, it’s essential to properly store and prepare … Read more

Can You Use an Electric Golf Cart in the Winter? 

Traditionally, gas and electric golf carts get used from spring to fall, and then they go into storage during the winter. However, because of how popular golf carts are, people often wonder if they can use them throughout the year, including during winter.  Unfortunately, you shouldn’t use the cart during winter because of how cold … Read more

How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries in the Winter on an Electric Cart 

Electric golf carts are efficient, fast, and handy, with many advantages over traditional gas options. However, your electric golf cart is only as good as its batteries. Therefore, it’s vital to properly maintain your golf cart batteries, especially during the winter, because cold weather can be a death sentence for improperly maintained batteries.  The best … Read more

My Gas Golf Cart Won’t Start After Winter and How to Fix It

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How to Prepare Your Gas Golf Cart for Winter Storage in 8 Steps

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How to Prepare Your Electric Golf Cart for Winter Storage 

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What to Do if Your Electric Golf Cart Dies While Driving? 

Electric golf carts, while being better for the environment and more durable, have a few faults. The main issue with electric golf carts is that they tend to die with little warning while you’re driving them. Having an electric golf cart die on you is especially possible if you have a faulty charger or old … Read more