How Long Do Golf Carts Last?

Before spending a lot of money, how long a golf cart lasts is an important question to consider. The answer even affects whether you are a company looking to purchase golf carts for the course or an individual looking to invest in a private golf cart. The average useful lifespan of a golf cart is … Read more

What Size Garage Door Do You Need For A Golf Cart?

Getting your first golf cart can be an exciting experience, and besides choosing which make, model, color, accessories, and decals you are going to plaster all over it, you will need a place to store it, which will typically be your garage. But what size door do you need? A golf cart will need a … Read more

Can Golf Cart Batteries Get Wet?

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Can Golf Cart Batteries Be Refurbished?

Generally, golf cart batteries can last 4 to 5 years if maintained correctly. Over time you may run into problems with them in the form of an increased charging time or decreased range due to insufficient voltage. A lot of people would assume that the battery needs to be replaced at this point, but fortunately, … Read more

10 Things you Should Know Before Buying a Golf Cart 

Golf carts are fun commodities that are exploding in popularity. Where golf carts were once reserved for use on golf courses, people now use them for everyday activities. Retirement communities, campgrounds, resorts, and urban neighborhoods are falling in love with golf carts because of how convenient they are.  Age, condition, drive type, accessories, tires, and … Read more

Who Makes Western Golf Carts? (and why they are great)

Golf carts like clubs are an extension of the player, and some players feel the need to spruce up their ordinary golf carts to match their personalities. Now, most golf carts are customizable to a degree, but Western Golf Carts take it to an entirely different level. One could even, so they are the limos … Read more