Why Your Golf Cart Pulls in One Direction and How to Fix It

Two Females driving a Golf Cart

There are many good reasons to have a golf cart that has nothing to do with golf courses. One survey noted that around 85% of previously owned golf carts are used places other than golf courses. So, especially if you use your golf cart off-road, understanding what’s going on if your cart pulls in one … Read more

Electric Golf Carts vs. Gas Golf Carts: Which is Right for Me?

Golf Course with all golf carts lined up

So, you are interested in getting a golf cart, but your first inquiries led to a deluge of confusing information you don’t quite understand. You aren’t sure of where to begin. Should you get a gas-powered golf cart or an electric one? Electric golf carts are best for those who are looking for a low-maintenance … Read more

How Much Weight Can a Golf Cart Carry?

Two Females driving a Golf Cart

These days, golf cart owners call upon their vehicles for more than just weekly transportation around the links. While it may be surprising to some, a high percentage of golf cart owners do not even play golf. In turn, it is becoming increasingly popular for golf cart owners to utilize their golf carts when they … Read more

What is Tow Mode on a Golf Cart?

Golf Cart on a cart path

Whether you are a long time owner or a recent purchaser of a golf cart, there may be some confusion surrounding your vehicle’s tow mode. This confusion is entirely common. In fact, occasionally golf cart owners are never even introduced to the vehicle’s tow mode upon purchasing their vehicle from a licensed dealer. If you … Read more

Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged In All The Time?

Ez Go RXV Golf Cart Battery Charger Plug

“Should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time while I am not using it,” is one of the most asked questions surrounding electric golf carts. Obviously, a large percentage of the owners who are asking this question have recently purchased their first golf cart, but there are also quite a few long-term … Read more

Do You Need a Voltage Reducer for Your Golf Cart?

Golf Cart on a cart path

In the past, it is safe to say that golf carts served a singular purpose: taking passengers and golf clubs from point a to point b. These days that is just not the case. Golf carts and their recreational duties have significantly evolved. Now golf cart owners call upon their golf carts for assistance with … Read more

Do Golf Carts Have Wheel Bearings?

Golf Cart Wheel Bearings

In a lot of ways, golf carts differ from a traditional car or truck. Golf carts are normally not equipped with a motor that can accelerate to speeds over 50, they may or may not have brake lights, and often they are not outfitted to be legally driven on the street. However, in a variety … Read more

Can You Use Synthetic Oil in Your Gas Golf Cart?

Golf Course with all golf carts lined up

Many golf cart manufacturers advise against using synthetic oil in their gas-powered carts. However, it’s important to understand the type of oil that you can safely use. If you recently invested in a gas golf cart and are scratching your head over the type of oil to use, fear not. We’re going to discuss this … Read more

Why Are Golf Carts Left Hand Drive?

Golf Cart on a cart path

With such a universal piece of equipment like the golf cart, you may wonder, why are golf carts left hand drive? Considering that the majority of those who purchase a golf cart are not actually using them on the road and there are not always driving guidelines on a golf course pertaining to which side … Read more