Do RV Parks Allow Gas Golf Carts?

RV parks can be massive, and it can get tiring walking around back and forth all day long. You might already have a golf cart that you want to take camping with you, but it runs on gas instead of electricity.

Do RV parks allow gas golf carts?

Many RV parks do not allow gas golf carts as they can be noisy, fast, dangerous, and require the need to store fuel which may not be safe inside an RV. It is best to call your RV park ahead to determine if they allow gas golf carts on their grounds.

Let’s look a little more into why an RV park might not allow a gas golf cart in their area.

Gas Golf Cart

A gas-powered golf cart is usually more preferred by owners than electric golf carts because they are able to drive faster, pull heavier loads, and are easier to fill because they don’t need to sit and charge. This makes them more reliable if you don’t have access to a power source when your golf cart needs to charge.

Gas-powered golf carts also emit more pollution than an electric powered golf cart because the carbon-monoxide emissions are harmful to the environment. Gas golf carts are also noisier than electric carts and require more regular maintenance to keep running. When you consider the total cost of owning a gas golf cart versus an electric golf cart, a gas-powered golf cart will be more expensive up front and long-term.

Due to the pollution and noise that gas-powered golf carts make, some states have started to ban the use of them in specific areas such as RV parks, state parks, neighborhoods, or golf courses.

RV Parks and Gas Golf Carts

When it comes to taking a gas-powered golf cart to an RV park, you should check directly with the park before taking your cart with you. Chances are, you won’t be allowed to run your gas golf cart around the campsite.

Some RV parks may not allow gas golf carts because it is against regulations in their area. Others might not allow them because there is not a safe place to store gasoline for the golf cart. Others might ban them for the fact that they are too loud, or they put out too many emissions.

Each park is different, and to get a proper answer, you should contact the park you want to stay at directly. They will be able to tell you if they allow or don’t allow gas-powered golf carts.

Gas Storage

A gas-powered golf cart will require you to store gasoline on site to refill when needed. This can be a fire hazard since gas is extremely flammable. It cannot be stored outdoors in direct sunlight, because it will affect the quality of the fuel. It also can’t be stored indoors in an RV or in the trunk of a car because the aroma can be dangerous. Gas needs to be stored properly and safely, which can be extremely difficult to do at an RV park.


Gas-powered golf carts can be really noisy. When you are at an RV park, there are a lot of other people that will be camping there, too. It can be considered rude to drive around on your noisy golf cart while other people are trying to relax, have conversations, or even sleep. Some RV parks may allow gas golf carts to be driven during the day, but not after a certain hour.

The sound that a gas golf cart makes a sound almost like a lawn mower, which can be irritating for other guests of the park who are trying to relax and enjoy a quiet getaway. Now I know parks will have other noises going on, but they are less likely to create a disturbance as a gas golf cart.


Just as your car would, a gas golf cart will let out fumes, too. A gas-powered golf cart will emit carbon-monoxide, which is harmful to the environment and to other people. Some people even have an allergy to fumes and emissions, and if you ride your gas-powered golf cart around an RV park, you could cause someone to have an allergic reaction. It may also be offensive to those who are extremely environmentally friendly to see someone riding around on a gas-powered golf cart when there is an eco-friendlier option.


Gas golf carts can drive at higher speeds than most electric golf carts. When a vehicle has the opportunity to drive fast, people are more likely to drive it fast. RV parks have speed limits for safety, and if you have a cart that drives faster than that limit, it can be hard to stay within that limit, especially if there are a lot of hills or straight roads.

Most parks will instill a fine for driving over the speed limit. This will often deter guests from driving too fast, but others really don’t care how fast they are going. This is one reason that many RV parks don’t allow gas golf carts.


Even though most RV parks don’t allow gas golf carts, they will usually offer you the opportunity to rent a cart from them. This will give you the ability to use a golf cart to get around the premises without having to use your gas-powered cart. Most parks will allow you to rent for an hourly rate, a daily rate, or even a weekly rate making it convenient for you.


In the event that an RV park does allow a gas-powered golf cart, they will more than likely require that you have a muffler or a silencer in place to lower the noise level as much as possible and reduce the amount of smoke emitted.

You will also be required to have your driver’s license with you at any time you will be operating the golf cart. Make sure this is something you think about before taking your golf cart to an RV park, as you won’t be allowed to drive on the premises without it.

It is also required by most RV parks that you register your cart with the front office, so they know you have the cart. It is not recommended to try to take a gas golf cart and sneak it past the office, because chances are, they will still find out about it and you will be fined a hefty amount.


When trying to figure out if the RV park you are interested in staying at allows gas golf carts or not, it is important to keep in mind that the answer is most likely that they don’t. If you want to be sure for sure, it is best to call the park and ask them what their rules are and what other options they may provide if they don’t allow gas carts.

Some of the reasons gas golf carts aren’t permitted at an RV park is the noise level, the emissions, and the speeds they can be driven at. Some parks will offer a golf cart rental, which would be beneficial if you find out you are not allowed to take your gas golf cart with you.