Can I Use a Golf Cart Battery in a Truck? 

Whether you have a dead battery in your truck or car or simply want to experiment a little, you’re probably wondering if you can use a golf cart battery in a truck. If you’re considering interchanging batteries with different vehicles, there are several factors to keep in mind. However, the main thing to consider is the voltage of the different batteries. 

Most trucks need a 12-volt battery to operate. Therefore, as long as your golf cart has a 12-volt battery, you can use it in your truck. You can also use two 6-volt batteries wired to equal 12 volts. However, you can’t use golf cart batteries if they are different in size than your truck battery. 

So, as long as the golf cart battery is the same size as the truck battery, you’re good to go. However, you can’t use a battery that’s too small or big in your truck. Otherwise, it won’t achieve full power and won’t operate as it should. It’s very likely that if the battery is too small, your truck won’t start up at all. 

Can I Put a Golf Cart Battery in a Truck?

As long as the golf cart battery is the same size as the truck battery, you can use them interchangeably. However, you should be aware that your golf cart battery is different than your truck battery. Most cars and trucks use normal batteries, while golf carts, marine vehicles, and other types of recreational vehicles often use deep cycle batteries. 

Deep Cycle Batteries Vs. Normal Batteries

Deep cycle batteries and normal batteries are very similar in appearance. They will be of a similar size and shape and many can offer the same amount of volts. Deep cycle and normal batteries even have very identical technology and components. 

However, deep cycle batteries are designed to produce small amounts of power over long periods of time. Golf carts and marine equipment use them because they don’t require a constant, high supply of electric power as trucks and cars do. A deep cycle batteries ability to last long and provide a steady flow of power also makes them ideal for solar systems. 

Normal batteries, like the ones used in cars and trucks, provide quick bursts of strong power. They don’t last as long as deep cycle batteries, but they’re more powerful in quick bursts. When you think about how your golf cart operates versus how your truck does, your truck is much faster than your golf cart. 

There are more factors that contribute to speed than just the battery, but it plays a significant role. Therefore, while you can use a golf cart battery in your truck, it likely won’t go as fast or last as long as a truck battery would. Deep cycle batteries also aren’t designed to take on a constant charge from an alternator like normal batteries are. The additional stress will likely cause the battery to give out sooner than a normal truck battery would. 

Other Considerations When Using a Golf Cart Battery in a Truck 

Terminal Locations

In addition to having the volts add up, you also have to use a golf cart battery with the same terminal locations as that of your truck. Most golf cart batteries have side poles for the terminals whereas truck batteries have poles on top of them. As long as the terminals don’t interfere with the battery placement and you can connect to them, they shouldn’t pose an issue. 

Size of the Battery 

While truck batteries are fairly universal in size and shape, golf cart batteries vary wildly. For instance, some batteries are the same size as car and truck batteries, while others are slightly smaller. Therefore, the golf cart battery might not fit in the slot for your truck battery. 

What Type of Golf Cart is the Battery Powering?

The final consideration when you’re thinking about using a golf cart battery in your truck is what kind of golf cart the battery is powering. For instance, you typically can’t use a battery from an electric golf cart in a truck. However, you can use a battery from a gas golf cart to power your truck as long as the voltage, terminals, and size match up. 

Batteries from electric golf carts are designed differently and often get used in sequence rather than having a single, 12-volt battery. As such, they aren’t compatible with gas-powered vehicles like your truck. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are golf cart batteries different than car batteries?

In terms of size, shape, and voltage, many golf cart batteries are nearly identical to car batteries. However, most golf cart batteries are deep cycle which means that they provide electricity in a different way than typical car batteries. 

Can you use a car battery in a truck?

As long as the size, terminal location, and voltage are the same on the car battery as in your truck, you can use them interchangeably. However, car batteries are usually smaller than truck batteries and have less voltage. 

Can I use golf cart batteries in my RV?

The same rules apply to using a golf cart battery in an RV as it does in a truck. As long as the voltage is the same and the battery terminals line up, you can use a golf car battery in your RV.