Why Does My Golf Cart Squeal When I Accelerate and How to Fix it

In terms of problems that can happen with your golf cart, there are those that are inconvenient and those that are annoying. However, when you have a golf cart that squeals or squeaks anytime you accelerate, you have an issue that falls into both categories.  A squealing noise when your golf cart accelerates could be … Read more

Why Does My Golf Cart Suddenly Stop and How to Fix It

One of the most frustrating things that can happen while driving your golf cart is that it comes to a sudden halt. There’s no warning, rhyme, or reason for why it’s happened. All you know is that the cart went from 20 to 0 in a hurry. Obviously, there’s something wrong with your golf cart, … Read more

Why Does My Golf Cart Lean More to One Side and How to Fix It? 

Golf carts, while being small and efficient vehicles, are prone to an abundance of problems. For example, one of the most common problems that golf carts run into is when they start leaning more in one direction than another. Not only is a leaning problem inconvenient with golf carts, but it’s usually an indicator of … Read more

Why Does My Electric Golf Cart Keep Tripping the Breaker? 

There are few things more frustrating than when you go to start up your electric golf cart only to find that it has a dead battery. You’re sure that you had the cart connected to the charger and the charger plugged in, but it’s still showing no charge. Upon further investigation, you realize that the … Read more

Why is My Golf Cart Smoking and How to Fix It? 

Whether you’re enjoying a day on the golf course or cruising around your neighborhood on your golf cart, there are few things more alarming than when you see smoke. Smoke coming from a golf cart could mean several different things, and none of them are good. However, the reason for your smoking golf cart might … Read more

Does A Golf Cart Engine Run Backwards to go in Reverse?

Golf cart engines come in different types and are made by different brands, many people might wonder if golf carts operating in reverse is a standard feature and whether it’s because golf cart engines can run backward. Let’s explore these questions below:  Golf carts have reverse as a standard function. On a gas cart when … Read more