Who Makes Western Golf Carts? (and why they are great)

Golf carts like clubs are an extension of the player, and some players feel the need to spruce up their ordinary golf carts to match their personalities. Now, most golf carts are customizable to a degree, but Western Golf Carts take it to an entirely different level. One could even, so they are the limos of golf carts, and in fact, they even produce one. 

Western Car Manufacturing, Inc was the original manufacturer of Western Golf Carts, with Scott Stevens as its president, and is still operational today. Other custom shops now also make, refurbish, remanufacture and customize these carts, such as JR Thomas Western Golf Cars. 

We detailed every aspect of Western Golf Carts in this article. Going over their company history, who was in charge, how famous these carts actually became, the price of one, and then if the company still exists today and if it is even possible to get one.

Western Golf Carts Overview

You probably think of E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha when you think of golf carts. However, back in the late 1990s, the Western Golf-Car company started to popularize golf carts in a way never before seen. 

Typically, golf carts were nothing to be proud of and felt a little underwhelming back then, resembling worn-out little buggies. With top speeds reaching a person on crutches, players would more often than not opt to leave their carts at home. 

However, Scott Stevens, the president of Western golf Car Manufacturing, saw a market that would take an E-Z-GO chassis and customize it with all the bells and whistles.

At the time, Western Car Manufacturing was manufacturing approximately 2000 custom golf carts a year, and coupled with prices that ranged between $5000 and $20,000, Westen Golf Car Manufacturing was beginning to make a name for itself. 

At their peak, they were designing and manufacturing approximately eight various models that were based around an E-Z-GO TXT. 

The styles ranged from sleek to obscene, and they even produced a few for Michael Jackson as well as Deion Sanders (who even had a $2000 stereo installed).

Who Makes Western Golf Carts?

A company called Western Golf Car Manufacturing, Inc made Western Golf Cars. This company was founded in 1981 and resided in Desert Hot Springs, California. There official listed address is; 

  • 69391 Dillion Road, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241-8433

Then their officially listed contact details are;

  • Phone: 760-329-4451 x0
  • Fax: 760-329-6991

Scott Stevens was the president and, in 2001, merged with Lido Motors USA, LLC. At the time of the merger, Lido motors had the same business address as Western Golf Car Manufacturing.

Although these two businesses are not currently in operation today, Scott Stevens is still the president of two companies with similar names (with Western Car Manufacturing having the same name).

The two companies that Scott Stevens is president of are;

  • Western Car Manufacturing, Inc
  • Lido Motors USA, Inc

Western Car Manufacturing, inc in May 2017, filed as a Foreign Profit Corporation. They did this in the State of Florida. At the time, the company was approximately five years old. This was according to public records which were filed at the Florida State Department. 

Lido Motors USA, Inc, in January 2013, filed Articles of Incorporation within the State of California. At that time, the company was about nine years old, according to the records that were filed with the Secretary of State of California. 

At this present time, these two companies are listed as operational, and Scott Stevens is the current president along with Douglas Stevens. 

Can You Get Western golf Carts Now?

These carts are still available because other manufacturers (custom shops) also produce them. Take, for instance, JR Thomas Western Golf Cars

They specialize in new and remanufactured Western golf carts as well as custom, refurbished, and pre-owned models. 

Surprisingly enough, this business is also located in California. Their service department is located in;

  • 42-480 Ritter Circle, Suite 2, Palm Desert, CA 92260

While there showroom and service department is located in;

  • 71-416 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

This dealership is renowned for its custom Westen golf carts and has a unique heritage story that starts with Bobby Thomas Sr. JR Thomas’s father. He was labeled a pioneer on the West Coast and had illustrious clientele like Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, and Frank Sinatra.

JR recalls his father telling a story of when Frank Sinatra entered the store in the 1970s with his entourage and purchased two golf carts with a total value of $8500.

Nowadays, JR Thomas Western Golf Carts cater to the average player who wants a little something extra from their cart, although they still produce top-quality vehicles. They cater to your style, attitude, and personality, and there, you will be hard-pressed in finding a cart that doesn’t conform to your tastes. Some of the models you can purchase include;

  • Western Elegante LX
  • Western Model 404-4 GT
  • Western Model 400 GT 2 passenger

These golf carts are fitted out to the max with features that include;

  • Adjustable driver seatback
  • Stereo with Bluetooth capability
  • Custom carpet throughout the cart
  • Hi-performance 18 horsepower A/C drive
  • Custom Velour & Vinyl seats
  • Custom sun curtain
  • Built-in divot repair kit
  • 13” custom wheels
  • Pearl paint that comes in laser red or inferno red
  • A limo version of the cart
  • Custom wood steering wheel
  • Custom front end bumpers
  • Custom trim
  • Streat legal brake lights
  • Bluetooth soundbars
  • On-board automatic charger
  • Plexiglass storage tap tray

Is Western a good golf cart?

Western Golf Carts are great golf carts. Many are based on the EZ GO TXT chassis which is a very popular golf cart. Parts for the chassis will be easy to get. Where you may find trouble is if you damage any of the custom body parts or customizations of the cart, locating used parts on ebay may be difficult as parts are not as easy to come by as other manufacturers.

If you want a stylish golf cart that is different than the norm, by all means, buy a Western as they are awesome carts. A golf course near our house uses Western carts as their fleet cars and they have been in operation for several years.


We discovered that Western Golf Carts had been around for almost four decades, and they have just as long a history as they do famous clientele. Although the original business started by Scott Stevens, called Western Car Manufacturing, Inc partnered up with Lido Motors USA, Inc and eventually stopped its operation, Stevens opened it up again in 2010, and it is still operational. 

Moreover, other custom shops have begun to refurbish, build and restore these extravagant golf carts, and you only need to do a Google search to find one near you. If there one Is not, you can always have it shipped to you. 

Costing between $5000 and $20,000 back in 1997. These cars vary in price but getting your hands on one is well worth it.