Best Golf Cart Heaters To Keep you Warm on the Course

During the chilly, wet days on the course, a cart heater provides a portable source of warmth. Most golfers like to be comfortable on the golf course regardless of the weather, but a safe option, such as a cart heater, provides an economical solution to combat the winter chill. That said, here are 4 of the best cart heaters currently available.

  1. Mr. Heater F242010 Golf Cart Heater
  2. Texsport Sport Portable Propane Heater
  3. TSI Climate Caddy V48 Heater
  4. 3G Portable Golf Cart Heater

The golf cart heater business has flourished in recent years, offering players a choice of electric or propane models that are very portable and fit in a cart’s cup holder. As a result, if you plan to hit the golf club in the early spring, late fall, or winter, you should consider purchasing a high-quality golf cart heater. So, what makes this list the best?

The Best of the Best Golf Cart Heaters

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s the best time to hit the golf course since you won’t be distracted by the blazing heat or the blistering sun. However, this does not imply that golfers prefer to play in the winter. In fact, the one thing that golf experts despise about playing a game of golf is being chilly.

So, starting with the popular Mr. Heater, let’s take a look at what value they bring to your golfing experience.

1. Mr. Heater F242010 Portable Heater

Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater,Silver and Black

This Mr. Heater is our number one pick and makes an excellent heater for your golf cart whether it is a rental or your owned cart.

This innovative 4,000 BTU Liquid Propane heater attaches to a 1 lb. cylinder directly (not included) and provides 5.5 hours of runtime. It’s ideal for tagging along in the golf cart to keep everyone comfortable on chilly and windy days. 

The heater mounts on top of a 1 lb propane cylinder which fits in the included cup holder adapter. This makes it easy to bring in rental carts when you are at another golf course or use within your own cart.

The heater includes a wind-resistant protective screen, ergonomic carrying handle, and has safety features such as tip-over protection and an oxygen depletion system to shut it off if oxygen is low.

While a 16 oz propane cylinder tank is required to power the Buddy, the device’s mobility and possibility for usage off the course make it worthwhile.

The Mr. Heater brand is known as a reliable, safe, and overall quality brand in other heaters and this heater is no exception.

We recommend this adapter to refill your 1lb propane cylinders with larger tanks as the cylinders can get expensive over time.


  • 4,000 btu
  • Auto-shutoff when tipped over.
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor
  • Safety Grid will keep out small fingers
  • Wind Screen


  • Takes up a cupholder

2. Texsport Sport Portable Propane Heater

Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater

Next up is another propane heater from Texsport. This model is built of stainless steel for hardness and durability, and it is a fantastic value for money. It produces 3,000 BTUs. The pressure may be adjusted or turned on and off on the valve burners. It’s a popular choice for golf carts, and it’ll make golfing in the colder months more fun.

The Portable Propane Heater from Texsport is compact and lightweight. It includes a molded plastic cup holder base that makes it simple to install on almost any golf cart. 

It ensures that it is secure and safe. A 16.4-ounce disposable propane fuel cylinder, which you must purchase separately, will fit within the large plastic paddle foot. It should keep you warm for around 5 to 6 hours.

If the flame is extinguished, the auto shut-off valve automatically turns off the heater for safety. While it will keep you warm on all but the coldest days, some customers have complained that it takes a long time to warm up. Despite this tiny flaw, it is a user-friendly golf cart heater that is a best-seller. 

It’s also a multipurpose alternative that may be utilized for camping or other occasions when you need some extra warmth.


  • Perfect for golf carts.
  • The burner is made of stainless steel.
  • The on/off pressure regulator control valve regulates burners up to 3,000 BTUs.
  • A molded plastic cup holder is supplied, and a huge paddle foot plastic base contains a 16.4-ounce disposable propane fuel cylinder (not included).
  • The auto shut-off valve cuts off the fuel if the flame goes out.


  • Doesn’t have a low oxygen sensor

3. TSI Climate Caddy V48 Electrical Heater

Climate Caddy 48V Electric Golf Cart Heater and Fan, Permanent

The Climate Caddy is a 48-volt electric heater that can produce air that’s above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great news for cold-weather golfers. It comes with a fan for continuous and reliable cooling in the heat.

The Climate Caddy warms the air in the golf cart instead of providing radiant heat like propane models.

The warmth is superb with thermostatic control to modulate after a 45-second burst. Because the heat is created inside and does not require oxygen, the product’s safety is further enhanced.

This model can be mounted permanently in the cupholder, on the dash, or temporarily in the cupholder.

Even though it runs on electricity, which might make it difficult to run for lengthy periods, the 48V Electric Heater does not have this problem as it has an electronic eye that only operates when the driver is in the cart. A fail-safe battery sensor also turns off the Climate Caddy heating if the battery charge falls below a certain level.

This model includes the cables to hook to your personal cart, or bring it along and use it on a rental cart with its easy-to-install alligator clips. Install is quick and easy.

With the model, you can play a full round of golf, but this does depend on the health of your batteries. If you have older batteries you may want to pass and opt for a propane heater to save your range.


  • Low energy consumption.
  • It is very safe to use.
  • Astute heating control.
  • It can also be used as a fan during the summer.
  • Thermostatic regulation.


  • Uses battery and reduces range
  • Will not be as warm as propane heat
  • More expensive than propane heat options

4. 3G Portable Propane Heater for Golf Carts

Portable Propane Heater for Golf Carts

The 3G portable propane heater has a 3,000 but ceramic heater element. The heater is built to fit inside the cupholder of your golf cart and includes an adapter to make it fit.

It uses a 1 lb portable propane tank (not included) and will provide heat to your golf cart. The heater has a stainless steel regulator and has a safety grid so you don’t burn your hand or anything on the burner.


  • Designed to fit in the cupholder
  • Stainless Steel
  • Piezo Electric Ignition


  • Safety grid is wide
  • No low oxygen sensor

Considering that this model does not include a low oxygen sensor and the safety grid is quite wide, I cannot recommend you purchase this model.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Golf Cart Heater

A golf cart heater is a practical method to boost the temperature and comfort you and your passengers instantly. Golf cart heaters, which come in several sizes and types, can keep you toasty on the golf course during the harsh winter months. 

Many heaters like our top pick come with extra features like temperature control, an auto-off tip-over switch, and over-heat protection sensor, and more to make life easier when you’re on the go.

Fundamental concerns, such as will this heater sufficiently heat your space, should be asked before purchasing a golf cart heater. And what resource does it cost to run? — take precedence over several optional extras that come with the unit. 

Let’s look at the top 5 things to look for in a golf cart heater to find the answers to these and other queries.

  1. The Type Of Golf Cart Heater

Before selecting a golf cart heater, the first factor is what type of heater you need. While there are currently 2 heater styles: Propane or Electric, there are essentially two heating technologies under which every conditionally correct golf cart heater falls: fan-forced and propane gas. 

Propane gas typically provides even, constant heating, and electric heaters use an internal fan that blows across a heating element. Selecting the appropriate type of heater for your golf cart is the best way to ensure effective performance.

You also may want to consider different mounts for your heater for positioning; if you are the only one in the cart, having one mounted in a cup holder focusing on you should suffice. 

The electric model is the only model that can be mounted to a dash or permanently installed, keep this in mind when choosing your heater.

  1. The Heating Capacity Of A Golf Cart Heater

One of the most important elements to contemplate when purchasing a golf cart heater is the amount of space it will cover. In electrical terms, the wattage rating of the heater determines this. 

The btu output of a heater is how much heat it will produce. The more btu, the more heat. This may not always mean you are heated better with more btu, the angle and size of the burner will dictate this.

However, this is a basic rule of thumb that does not apply to every model. Some portable heaters may cover greater space depending on the heating technology, your outside location, and the use.

  1. Energy Efficiency Of Your Golf Cart Heater

It is a good idea to evaluate efficiency before buying a golf cart heater if you are worried about preserving energy and want to keep minimal heating drainage on your golf cart batteries. 

Although left on, portable electric warmers might deplete your battery. Some (like the ones on this list) have a low power consumption or an auto-turn-off option when there is no driver. 

However, it comes at the expense of fan noise for many electric gold cart warmers. Alternatively, a propane gas heater may prevent all of this. You’ll also need to replenish the 1 pound canisters or have a few on hand. 

Special features including energy-saving modes, adjustable thermostats, low wattage, and programmable timers also help reduce power consumption and contribute to the cost-effective operation.

  1. Safety Features Of Your Golf Cart Heater

Portable heaters may quickly become fire dangers if not properly managed. As a result, it’s critical to think about safety. Many manufacturers use cool-to-the-touch surfaces and other modern safety measures in their heaters to dramatically minimize the chance of fire. 

Some golf cart heaters have an internal switch that turns off the fuel if the heater is accidentally turned over or knocked down. Most heaters also come with overheat protection, which is an important safety feature. 

This switch acts as a sensor, turning the heater off automatically if the internal components reach a dangerous temperature.

How To Use A Golf Cart Heater

Operating a golf cart heater is a very straightforward operation that comprises the following steps:

  1. Connect the heater’s power or gas supply. This stage entails connecting an electrical heater to your cart’s batteries or attaching a propane tank to the heater’s base.
  1. Place your heater with care and put it somewhere in the cart where it won’t get in the way of your driving. All of these options will fit into the cup holder.

Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater,Silver and Black

  1. Select your preferred degree of heat. Most golf cart heaters feature a variety of heating choices. Please choose the one that best meets your needs and let it run at that level.
  1. Keep an eye on your heater while you’re out golfing. To avoid exhausting your battery or propane tank, remember to switch off your heater when you exit the cart.
  1. When you’re done golfing, turn off the heater. After cooling down for 10-15 minutes, carefully disconnect or unscrew your heater and remove it from your cart to be used for another cold and golf day.


Golf cart heaters are an excellent choice for golfers who play in places where the winter is long. For golfers who can’t stay away from the course during the colder months, a heater can keep you toasty during the round.

Mr. Heater, the best overall heater, has a robust 4,000 BTU output, a 5.5-hour lifespan, and can be utilized with a cup holder attachment for a safe ride in a top-rated golf cart. Mr. Heater is a safe and fantastic portable gas heater for the golf cart, with a wind-resistant protective screen.