What’s the Difference between the EZGo RXV and TXT?

Nowadays, golf carts are practical and versatile vehicles that are no longer reserved for golfing only. They are used for beaching, to haul products around the neighborhood, for yard work, or just getting around the community. So golf cart manufacturers tend to produce newer models to satisfy these broader uses of golf carts.

A newer model could be one that is improved in design or performance. And this improvement may be as little as introducing a cup holder as a convenience feature, or GPS as a safety feature. Also, they can introduce an intellibrake system which could improve the golfer’s driving experience.

The EZGo brand for golf carts comes in various models. But amongst all, two standard models are commonly demanded by golfers. They are the RXV model and the TXT model.

What is the difference between the EZGO RXV AND TXT?

Comfort, speed, motor types, and looks are all differences between the EZ GO RXV and TXT models. If you want a cart to for comfort, get the RXV. If you are looking for a utility cart, the TXT has been a favorite of many golf courses.

The differences between the TXT model and the RXV model of EZGo golf carts can be seen in terms of the following innovative or convenient features:

  1. Type of model and innovation
  2. Comfort and Convenience
  3. Power features
  4. Riding factors
  5. Overall size
  6. Frame design

1.      The Difference between EZGo TXT and RXV in Terms of Model and Innovation

The TXT model was made from 1996 and up and is still getting upgraded. This EZGo model is available in gas, electric, and lithium models. Meanwhile, the RXV was made from 2008 – up, after the TXT has been around. So with more technological innovations, the RXV feels like an upgrade of the TXT. This model is also available in gas, electric, and lithium models.

EZGo TXT EX1 (Gas), Electric, and Lithium Model:

  • The EX1 model has what is called a closed-loop EFI for its gas engine, and the electric model with a 48V DC drivetrain. The implication of this is seen by this model having fairly good speeds and a decent level of power.
  • There are hydraulic shocks alongside extra absorbers in the EX1 gas and electric models. The main purpose of these is keeping your cart’s rides as smooth as possible. For this, among the different models, the TXT performs better in an off-road maneuver.
  • The Electric model comes with a battery charger along with a charge meter. Here, your cart can stay operating on the road smoothly all the time with no fear of a shutdown.
  • The lithium (Elite) model, the upgraded version of the Electric model, has upgraded longer-lasting batteries requiring minimal maintenance, and charge faster as well. They come with the ‘opportunity charging’ method allowing cart owners to charge their batteries only when necessary, as opposed to consistently keeping them charging. It helps ensure that your battery is kept charged without setting much strain on the design. As a result, it is very easy to keep this cart at the top operational potential.

EZGo RXV EX1 Gas, Electric, and Lithium Model

  • The RXV EX1 Gas model comes with a similar engine to the TXT EX1 model but includes a few upgrades making it more efficient and relevant. The electric model utilizes AC technology which is proven to bring about increased energy efficiency and create longer run time between charges. This gives the cart more fuel usage efficiency. This best-in-class fuel economy enables this cart to be viewed as more affordable and environment friendly. Consequently, they don’t use as many parts which are an additional score in terms of maintenance cost.
  • The TXT EX1 model is known to have a smooth feel, but not so much in comparison to the RXV EX1. The RXV EX1 has a one of a kind carburetor together with a muffling system which combine to produce a smooth, smoke free, and noise free ride. The results are better smoothness and sound levels. This works best around busy neighborhoods, and noise complaints will be nonexistent.
  • The RXV Electric model also has a 48-volt AC drivetrain, like the TXT, which gives its smoothness and efficiency. But unlike TXT, it comes along with an independent front suspension. This is designed to give the cart even more support than other models and enables it to be one of the smoothest carts of this brand.
  • This Electric model integrates the Intellibrake technology system. A feature absent in all TXT models. A system motor brake that comes to play while the vehicle is going up or down a slope. It works by delaying or slowing the vehicle automatically, with also an instant auto applied brake to park. All brakes use energy, but this one works differently. The intellibrake possesses regenerative braking, and this conserves energy and will recharge your battery. The energy from the brakes is then used and moved towards the battery.
  • The RXV Lithium model, like the same TXT model type, has the same zero-maintenance lithium batteries and provides a high level of power and an incredible charge length. But better than the TXT, it has a faster rate of charge when compared to other types of cart batteries.

2.      The Difference between EZGo RXV and TXT in terms of the Convenience Features


  • The EZGo TXT model comes with quite an ergonomically ideal comfortable seat, designed to care about comfort and not style. With this form, riding in your cart would never leave you with the experience of a sore back. This is effective when you drive off-road or perhaps take off onto very uneven or unstable riding areas.
  • This model, unlike the RXV, maximizes on a high level of control and comfort. It has the common addition of an optional bag cover which could be used to prevent your cart from getting hit by any form of bad weather.
  • It also has quite a large dash storage/ bag storage area.


  • The seats in this model are contoured. These are better than the TXT model as they give more support to the back while riding.
  • Absent in the TXT model is an impact-resistant bumper. This protects the car and firms it strongly and wonderfully from any excessive impact.
  • It comes with common additional comfort styles as an integrated cup, ball, and tee holders to equip the cart. Also with a nonobligatory USB port and a windshield that can be folded down.

3.      The Difference between between EZGo RXV and TXT in Overall Size


  • The TXT models have an overall length of each model to be 93 inches, a standard length for most golf carts, and approximately 47 inches wide. For the height, the gas and electric are 47.5 inches disregarding the canopy feature. With the inclusion of the canopy, it becomes 67.5 inches.
  • The wheelbase for each model is 66 inches, the front wheel track is 34 inches while the back wheel track 38.5 inches.
  • This model does not have the highest level of clearance, with a ground clearance of 4.5 inches on all models.


  • The RXV models are slightly longer than the TXT although can go unnoticed. They have the overall length is 94.5 inches with a similar width to the TXT as 47 inches.
  • The RXV is shorter than the TXT – 45.7 inches disregarding the roof, and only 70 inches if the roof is included.
  • The wheelbase is slightly narrower, just by a few inches – 65.7 inches. The dimensions are 35.5 inches and 38 inches for the front wheel tracks and the back wheel track respectively. The front tracks are longer than the TXT’s.
  • In the RXV models, they have a ground clearance of 4 inches. This is half an inch less than the TXT

4.      The Difference between EZGo RXV and TXT in Power Levels


  • The gas option has a 4 cycle 9.15 cubic inch motor with one cylinder OHV valve train. With this, the power level is 11.5 horsepower.
  • The TXT Electric has a 48-volt DC battery. The Elite has a 56-volt battery. Both are capable of 3 horsepower.


  • Although the RXV has the same gas options as the TXT and thus the same power levels of 11.5 horsepower, it is supported also by an internal starter generator which makes it slightly more efficient than the TXT.
  • Both the RXV Electric and Lithium also have the 48-volt and 56-volt battery power respectively but also, the RXV models are capable of 4.4 continuous horsepower, unlike the three horsepower in the TXT. This enables the RXV with an edge.

5.      The Difference between EZGo RXV and TXT in Riding Factors


  • Both models accommodate seating for two people, though an extra seat may be available on some models.
  • The top speed that can be traveled by the gas model is 19 miles per hour. The Electric and Elite top speeds can both reach 19.5 miles per hour. From the factory, they are programmed to only go 14 mph. The speed controls will need to be reprogramed to obtain 19.5 mph by a dealer.
  • The maximum load capacity for the gas model is 500 pounds with a curb weight of 739 pounds. The Electric and Elite have load ratings of 800 pounds, but the curb weight for the electric model is 943 pounds white the Elite is 588 pounds.


  • Here, although all three of the RXV models also have seating for two people, upgrades for four seating is allowable.
  • The top speeds are a little bit higher than their TXT counterparts. The RXV gas model top speed can perform at 19 miles per hour. While this is the same for the gas model of TXT, the RXV Electric model can perform up to 19.5 miles per hour. (From the factory, RXV’s can only go 17.5, but can be programed to go 19.5mph. Some golf courses program them down to only go 12mph.)
  • The curb weights of the RXV for the gas model are 692 pounds and the electric model stands at 905 pounds. Finally, the Elite weighs 655 pounds, the only increase from the TXT.

6.      The difference between EZGo RXV and TXT in Frame Design


  • The roof supports for TXT are only approximately 3/4″ tube steel.
  • There is a welded steel frame which implements a powder-coat to give it protection from rust and other issues.
  • The body of the TXT carries an injection-molded TPO on each frame to firm up the cart and remain on the reliable and winning side of the market today.


  • The roof supports for RXV are approximately 1″ tube steel


Overall, the TXT and the RXV models are equally excellent options for golf carts if you’re on the market for stylish yet innovative. However, the upgrades enable the RXV to be an easy choice for those in search of a boost over their regular, standard TXT models. If you are looking for comfort, get the RXV, if you want more utility, get the TXT.