Is Club Car Better Than EZGO? 10 Major Differences

Club Car and EZGO are among the most popular golf cart models on the market. Many buyers consider these two models the best out there. They are popular because they both focus on quality, beauty, and durability.

However, it is difficult to say which model is better than the other. Hence, the need to compare them and find out the differences between them.

Is a Club Car better than an EZ Go?

Both Club Car and EZ Go have been manufacturing golf carts for many years. One major difference is Club Car has an aluminum frame whereas EZGO uses steel. Other differences are not very big and most users would be happy with both brands.

Benefits and Downsides of E-Z-GO

EZGO is a top-rated golf cart manufacturers with thousands of employees. They produce various cart options of high quality. Before we review the benefits of this model, let us look at its specs.

Typical Specs of the EZGO Golf Cart

Here are the specs of a typical EZGO cart (the Freedom RXV). We will focus on this cart because of its popularity among other options provided by the manufacturer.

Overall Size

This EZGO cart has two designs: two-person seating and four-person seating. It has an 800-pound capacity. 

  • Length of the body: 94.5 inches
  • Width: 47 inches
  • Height: 68.5 inches
  • Wheelbase: 65.7 inches

Power Capabilities

The power of the EZGO cart varies based on a few factors.

  • The electric model: Uses a 48-volt battery and produces around 4.4 horsepower.
  • The gasoline engine: Uses 150cc engine and produces around 13.5 horsepower.

Both models max out at about 19.5 miles per hour when on the road.

Frame Style

This EZGO cart uses a four-wheel design for extra power and stability. The frame consists of welded steel, coated with epoxy for additional protection. It has a sun canopy on its roof, which makes it 20 to 30 inches higher. The thermoplastic olefin body gives this cart maximum strength and stability.

Benefits of EZGO

EZGO is a producer of very high-quality carts for a variety of reasons.

  1. EZGO carts are among the most affordable options on the market.
  2. They have one of the most durable steel frames on the market. EZGO carts work well as an off-road cart because its steel frame is quite strong and secure.
  3. EZGO golf carts have customization capabilities. EZGO carts are easy to mod. This feature makes them a great option if you want to produce a cart that meets your unique needs.
  4. EZGO has a robust used market, which makes it easy to find at a low price. This market also makes it easier to find a repair expert to suit their needs.
  5. EZGO mechanics are more widely available than Club Car options. The design of these carts is simple, making it easier to do repairs. The cart itself is more streamlined and can handle a broad range of repairs with relative ease.

Downsides of EZGO

EZGO produces very high-quality carts, but a few problems may impact you from time to time.

  1. EZGO carts’ steel frame may not be up to some construction standards for some people. But, this does not mean that the frame is weak. The frame is very susceptible to wear and tear issues. Steel often erodes in more humid climates and is vulnerable to rusting due to salt damage.
  2. The customization capabilities of this cart can also be a problem. You may purchase with a cart that has been highly tweaked over the years when buying used carts. Sometimes, this may have advantages for you. But you may also notice that your cart is running poorly.
  3. Some EZGO carts may be a bit too plain for some people. Even though you can always customize, some people may not have the money to add these updates. But, this does not mean that the carts are boring. They don’t focus much on their design.

Benefits and Downsides of Club Car

Club Car is one of the oldest golf cart manufacturers with thousands of employees. Many people refer to them as the best cart manufacturer on the market. Therefore, you should understand how they differ from EZGO.

Typical Specs of Club Car

We will examine one of the most popular options on the market today, just like with EZGO. Let us focus on the DS Player because of its popularity among other options provided by the manufacturer. The DS Player is very similar to the EZGO Freedom RXV. With that said, here are the specs of a typical Club Car cart (the DS Player).

Overall Size

The DS Player is a compact cart when you compare it to the RXV.

  • Length of the body: 91.5 inches
  • Width: 47.5 inches
  • Height: 69 inches

The gas and electric modes both have a clearance of about 4.5 inches. The weight of the gasoline is about 619 pounds, and the electric is about 498 pounds without batteries.

Power Capabilities

A typical DS Player is capable of a varying range of horsepower levels.

  • The electric model: This model uses a combination of 8- and 6-volt batteries and produces around 3.2 horsepower. It has an on-board computer that ensures that it charges correctly and avoids complications with the operation.
  • The gasoline engine: Uses a 12-volt starter battery and a 286 cc single-cylinder engine. It produces around 9.5 horsepower.

Frame Style

The DS Player has an aluminum chassis. Its I-beam style makes the cart stronger and capable of withstanding wears and tear problems. Aluminum is the right choice if you live near a humid climate or the beach because it resists wear and tears more than some other metals. The cart usually has a white or beige canopy on its roof.

Benefits of Club Car

Many buyers have reported that Club Car is one of the best golf carts on the market.  This cart has high quality and is very durable. They have capable designs, strong engines, and a build-level that you cannot find on other carts.

  1. Club Car has high-level construction quality on their carts even though they focus on aluminum and not steel.
  2. Club Car carts don’t rust because of its aluminum body, and this is great if you plan on a lot of beach carting.
  3. Aluminum is lighter than steel, making it easy for Club Car carts to get up and down difficult areas.
  4. The lightness also makes Club Car carts faster even though they have the lower horsepower.
  5. Club Car carts possess many enhanced design options, such as higher top speeds, power steering, high-quality torque balancing, and battery balancing hardware.

Downsides of Club Car

Club Car produces high-quality carts, and that reputation may be one of the downsides that you will encounter with them.

  1. Club Car carts are more expensive than all other counterparts. But they make up for the extra price with amenities. You will get most of the benefits that we highlighted above when you get a Club Car cart.
  2. The advanced technology in Club Car carts can be a downside. For instance, all of those extra whistles and bells make it easier for a Club Car cart to malfunction. Balancing hardware, additional computers, and more all add different elements that could fail. And this means that you will need to spend money to fix or replace the faulty parts.
  3. The extra technology in Club Car drains your battery faster than other types of models. The drain may be only slight, but you will have to charge a Club Car more often.
  4. Club Car golf carts are not as open to modification as EZGO. Club Car models are advanced and hard to change.

Ten Major Differences between Club Car and EZGO

Here are ten significant differences between the Club Car and EZGO golf carts.

Club CarEZGO
A relatively higher level of construction quality even though their parts focus on aluminum and not steel.A relatively lower level of construction quality
They have an aluminum body, which makes the cart weaker than that of EZGO.  They have a steel body, which makes the cart stronger than that of Club Car.  
It does not rust easily because of its aluminum  body.It is prone to salt damage and rusts on exposure to humidity.
The lightness due to the aluminum body makes this cart fast even with less powerful engines than EZGO.The heavy steel body slows down this cart, which is why they use more powerful engines.
The extra lightness makes it easier to move about difficult areas.The weight makes it a bit hard to get up and down difficult areas.
More expensive than other golf cartsQuite affordable
More advanced in technologyThe technology is basic
The extra technology causes the battery to drain faster. You will have to charge more often.The battery lasts longer.
It is not open to modifications because of its advanced nature.You can easily modify it to meet your unique needs.


Both Club Car and EZGO are great models, and it is difficult to say which one is better. EZGO will be an excellent choice if you want a budget-minded cart. And you also have the option to modify it as you wish. But, if you want a technologically advanced model, then the Club Car is the way to go.