Why Is My Gas Golf Cart Backfiring and How to Fix It

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6 Critical Ways to Make Your Golf Cart Ride Smoother

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How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh? Gas vs Electric

The exact weight of a golf cart depends on a variety of factors and which brand you choose. Some golf carts are electric, and batteries add to the overall weight. The type of battery also makes a big difference in vehicle weight. Others are gas-powered so they have a lighter dry weight, and then weigh … Read more

Do black golf cart seats get hot? And what to do about it.

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Why Your Golf Cart Pulls in One Direction and How to Fix It

There are many good reasons to have a golf cart that has nothing to do with golf courses. One survey noted that around 85% of previously owned golf carts are used places other than golf courses. So, especially if you use your golf cart off-road, understanding what’s going on if your cart pulls in one … Read more

Electric Golf Carts vs. Gas Golf Carts: Which is Right for Me?

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How Much Weight Can a Golf Cart Carry?

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What is Tow Mode on a Golf Cart?

Whether you are a long time owner or a recent purchaser of a golf cart, there may be some confusion surrounding your vehicle’s tow mode. This confusion is entirely common. In fact, occasionally golf cart owners are never even introduced to the vehicle’s tow mode upon purchasing their vehicle from a licensed dealer. If you … Read more

Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged In All The Time?

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