How to Disable the Backup Alarm on a Golf Cart

If you own an EZ Go TXT, RXV, Club Car, or any Yamaha Golf Cart you will likely encounter issues with your backup buzzer. Sometimes, you may find it too loud. Some golf cart owners have also encountered cases when the alarm always stays on. This issue may happen due to wires having loose contact.

The best way to disable the buzzer on a golf cart is to remove the wires to it. That way it is not permanent and you can reattach if need be. Another option would be to tape over the buzzer or zip tie foam over it to reduce the sound but still have that safety feature.

However, you can disable the backup alarm on your golf cart by locating the wire’s buzzer and disconnecting it. This article will walk you through the required steps to disabling the backup alarm on the EZ Go TXT.

Where is the Reverse Buzzer Located on a Golf Cart?

To disable the backup alarm on the EZ Go TXT, you will need to access the reverse buzzer. The reverse buzzer cautions those who might be standing behind the cart when it is reversing. It does this by sounding an alarm. I will help you identify where the buzzer is located on the EZ Go golf cart.

To locate the reverse buzzer on your EZ Go golf cart, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: – You need to access the right side of the cart opening and locate the key switch panel.
  • Step 2: – Now, look behind the key switch panel. This panel is very easy to access, and that is where the reverse buzzer is located.
  • Step 3: – Once you see it, you can get started to resolve the problem.

On some models, the buzzer may be located under the seat. Just flip your cart in reverse and follow the sound to find your buzzer.

How to Disable the Backup Buzzer on your Golf Cart

Disabling the backup buzzer on the EZ Go golf cart is not difficult. You only need to follow some steps which I will guide you through. With that said, if you want to disable the backup buzzer on your EZ Go TXT, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: – Locate the EZ Go buzzer and then disconnect or cut the wire.
  • Step 2: – The key switch panel on the front can be opened using a screwdriver.
  • Step 3: – Once you remove the panel, you will see some wires running inside.
  • Step 4: – The buzzer is not difficult to locate. It is black and cylindrical. You will see an orange-colored wire running from the right-side terminal of the buzzer.
  • Step 5: – You will need to disconnect this wire to disable the backup buzzer.
  • Step 6: – Once you are finished, you should screw back the key switch plate, ensuring that all other components are intact and good to go.

Why is my Golf Cart Buzzer Not Working?

One of the most common issues with the EZ Go golf cart is the buzzer not working when the cart moves in reverse. When you move the cart in reverse, it sends a voltage from the F/R switch to the controller. The voltage sounds the buzzer and sends the reverse current to enable the cart to move backward.

Sometimes you will notice that the cart is moving in reverse, but the buzzer is not sounding. When this happens, it means that the issue lies with the controller, buzzer, or wiring.

In some cases, the solenoid may be the culprit for this issue. If you hear a ‘click’ sound when reversing the cart, you need to check the solenoid. In this case, replacing the solenoid should solve the problem.

How to Fix Reverse Buzzer That Doesn’t Go Off?

If you encounter this issue where the buzzer is always on when the key is inserted even when you are in forward, you can solve it. You are likely to encounter this issue due to the wires having loose contact. So, the first thing you need to do is disconnect all the wires to the buzzer and then reattach them. Hopefully, this resolves the problem.

It would help if you tried pulling out the leads connected to the F/R switch and then reattach them. If the problem is with the controller, then you will need to replace it. You also can take your cart to the nearest service center and ask them to look at it if you cannot identify the problem.

If you don’t want to pay money to fix your controller, simply disconnect your buzzer.

Turn Off Golf Cart Reverse Beep Sound

If you are finding the alarm to be too loud, you need to turn it down. The best way to do this is by reducing the buzzer as disconnecting it entirely. You can tape over the speakers or a zip tie a piece of foam to reduce the volume. Doing this will significantly bring down the volume of the buzzer, thus making it bearable.

However, if you still wish to disconnect it completely, you need to locate the buzzer and disconnect the wires to turn off the reverse beep sound.


The backup of your EZ Go TXT golf cart may be too loud sometimes but is installed for safety reason. Malfunction of your golf carts buzzer usually happens due to wires having loose contact. But you can disable the backup alarm of your EZ Go TXT by locating the buzzer and disconnecting the wire. In all, you deserve a pleasant ride on your golf cart EZ Go TXT, so go ahead, disable that alarm and enjoy your ride.