How Tall Should a Golf Simulator Be? 6 Key Factors

A golf simulator is an option these days that is getting a lot of love. You no longer have no wait for a clear sky to play a game of golf and you can work on your swing all winter long getting ahead of all of your golfing buddies.

But before you consider buying one for your home, you will need to figure out how tall a golf simulator should be.

A golf simulator needs at least 8.5 feet of height in order to allow you to fully swing without having to worry about hitting the ceiling of your room. This also depends on the height of your golfers and the length of your clubs. Ten feet is an ideal height for any golf simulator.

Too tall golf simulators are overkill, if you are building a room in a shop or considering how tall to make your basement to accommodate your simulator, 10 feet should be more than adequate, especially when you need to manage the cost of your space.

Golf simulators that are too short tend to scale down the indoor golfing experience and you have to really watch the height of your swing making you more nervous about ruining your clubs than focusing on your shot.

What is the ideal height for a golf simulator?

The perfect height for a golf simulator would possibly be that of a plane hangar if you have unlimited space. But the average homes and businesses do not come in that size. So ideally, the least expectation for a golf simulator, in height, should be 8.5 feet (2.59m). Although 10 feet (3m) makes for a reasonable, comfortable, and best height.

Whatever brand of golf simulator you have, they really have the same needs as far as height goes. Just enough to swing comfortably.

It is important to note that this (minimum) dimension is not very fixed. It is a general standard for golfers of average build (about 5 feet 8 inches – 5 feet 9 inches). This is because the height of a golf simulator is guided on few factors.

  • A golfer taller than the average recognized height may need a golf simulator that is taller than the ideal size given.
  • A golfer with a bigger arm length may also need to consider a simulator of a different height than the ideal.

How to estimate how tall a golf simulator should be?

Typically, the base of measurement for the height of a golf simulator can also be the ceiling height. The ceiling height is mostly the biggest limitation for buyers and it chooses if your home is the best fit for the setup. For this reason, most golfers opt to set up the golf simulator in either the basement or the garage.

The best way to estimate your ceiling height is to take actual measurements from the ground up. Many people do not conceive their ceilings to be that low until they get around to knowing the actual dimension, and when measuring for the ceiling height, you should know whether the golf simulator would have a platform that needs to be mounted first. This will need an extended ceiling height.

The ceiling height is important not just for the height of the golf simulator, but for the height of the swings. And this is dependent on how tall you are, and the other factors above.

The very minimum for ceiling height recommended by most manufacturers and golfers to fit a golf simulator is at least 8.5 feet (as the golf simulator). Ideally, a ceiling height of 10 feet is the safest and best option that should be able to accommodate the majority of golfers. This height would enable golfers to easily swing their driver in the simulator.

A ceiling height that is 8 feet is way too small to use a golf simulator and one that is 9 feet is about the recommended height.

Who will be playing your golf simulator?

Another factor to consider is who will be playing on your golf simulator. If it is for your kids, maybe 8′ ceiling heights will work fine. If you are 5’8 but have a 6’2 friend who will be playing, then you will need to design the space for your friends height.

Using your clubs to estimate your ceiling height needed for your golf simulator

While setting up my golf simulator, I originally wanted it in our basement. Our unfinished ceiling was about 8’6 tall and I am about 5’8. I was able to swing my clubs, but when I played with my driver, I could only swing if I positioned the club between the floor joists which made for an awkward swing. Having a worried toned town swing surely would not be good for my golf game.

I still wasn’t practicing on my upgraded turf mat (which is a must-have to protect your sensors and for more realism) plus my stance pad which is about 3″ tall and did want to drywall my ceiling which I would lose my spot between the joists and about 1/2″ for drywall. The basement wouldn’t work for this setup.

Next, I moved on to the garage, I have a 10′ ceiling height which was more than enough. I quickly moved my setup there and was able to build my netting, practice mat, and it has been a garage staple ever since.

A spot-check to determine whether the golf simulator would be too short if installed is to physically test the area. This is done by first taking slow swings while ensuring there is enough clearance around and above with the club.

It is recommended to use a driver as it is the longest club in your bag. When you take a slow backswing, observe the club if hits the ceiling. As you take more swings, build up your swing gradually until you get to your full swinging speed. You know your ceiling is tall enough if you can swing your driver without hitting the wall or ceiling.

What happens if a Golf Simulator is too short?

With the major factors into consideration, for instance, the golfers’ height, setting up the ideal golf simulator in an existing space may be tough. Most golfers are tempted to fit the simulator based on how much area of space is available.

Other times, golfers try to weigh the frequency of their use of the golf simulator to relax and adapt to the size of the room. They believe, if they do not play too often, then they can accommodate a short golf simulator.

However, a golf simulator below 8.5 feet high (2.59m) is not recommended. There are reasons for this.

  • For the best experience, you will need to make comfortable swings with your driver. For a golf simulator below 8.5 feet high, it brings the anxiety of slamming into the ceiling or wall. To prevent this from happening would be avoiding the use of long clubs like your driver. This may be inconveniencing if you have a specific club for your game.
  • Your swinging may be affected negatively due to the limited space. This will be noticeable if you are not a flat swinger but a wide swinger. You may have to continually hold back your swing for fear of hitting the ceiling. This could mean having to adjust months or years of practice or experience to fit the height of the golf simulator.

Why do you need to follow the Recommended Golf Simulator Height?

Going beyond the recommended height for the golf simulator may lead to psychological constraints if you are not one to adapt easily. For a shorter golfer, it is possible to get away with a shorter golf simulator than recommended. But if you are a golfer of over six feet, using your full upright swing may prove difficult below the recommended golf simulator height.

Golfers who installed golf simulators in rooms or basements with the minimum 8.5 feet high ceilings consider it very restrictive. Low ceiling hinders practice for most golfers. You would need to change your swing to abbreviated shots when practicing using the golf simulator. This short ceiling height manages to only suit golfers on the shorter side.

The rule of thumb is, the taller you are past the average height, the higher your ceiling needs to be past the minimum recommended. A 5 feet 9 inches tall golfer would practice in a golf simulator fairly easily with a 9-foot tall ceiling. Whereas, a 6 feet 2-inch golfer would manage a full swing poorly in that setup.

Just as for tall golfers, a golfer with a wide swing, or a golfer who wishes to practice using long clubs, a golf simulator in a place that only has 8 feet tall ceilings would be a bad fit for practice.


To mirror the experience of outdoor golfing, the golfer would need a certain amount of height to swing freely. Usually, the purpose of the golf simulator is to match the same type of swing you would use outdoors and get better. This makes the golf simulator height one of the critical requirements when planning for a golf simulator, so you do not compromise your swing.

It is often said by professionals that, if you have to restrict or alter your swing due to how short your golf simulator is, then it is counterproductive. In which case, there may not be much need for a golf simulator in your home as you may not progress as a golfer otherwise.