How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh? Gas vs Electric

The exact weight of a golf cart depends on a variety of factors and which brand you choose. Some golf carts are electric, and batteries add to the overall weight. The type of battery also makes a big difference in vehicle weight. Others are gas-powered so they have a lighter dry weight, and then weigh more when filled with fuel. Vehicle weight also depends on the overall size of the cart, how much seating it has, and cargo racks.

A two-passenger gasoline engine golf cart will weigh about 700 pounds dry. This increases to 1,150 pounds for a six-passenger cart. Similar golf carts that use 12-volt deep cycle batteries range from 900 to 1,500 pounds. Golf carts with lithium-ion batteries range from 662 pounds to 1,225 pounds.

When weight is a deciding factor, there is a lot you can do when ordering to make sure you get the options you need without picking a cart that is too heavy. You can choose the number of seats for passengers, the frame construction, on-board luxury items such as speaker systems and storage areas, and specific tire and suspension packages. The biggest weight difference comes from the engine, and how the vehicle is powered.

Gas Powered Golf Carts

Gas-powered golf carts are lighter than electric golf carts. This is because although an electric motor may be lighter, depending on the model, the batteries that run it can add a lot of weight. Often those who choose gasoline engines will also carry a spare fuel can as part of the onboard cargo. This fuel counts as cargo weight, not gross vehicle weight (GVW). The cart will carry a single battery onboard for the starter, adding to the GVW.

Gas engine golf carts typically have a five to six-gallon fuel tank. At around 45 miles per gallon, that gives you about a 225 to 270-mile range between fuel stops. This doubles when you add a spare gas can to your cargo. Gasoline weighs 6.2 pounds per gallon, so it also adds between 31 and 38 pounds to your gross vehicle weight when the tank is full. You can also tow the vehicle with an empty fuel tank if you need to lower the weight.

  • A two-passenger gas-powered golf cart will weigh around 675 to 700 pounds dry.
  • A four-passenger gas-powered golf cart will weigh about 1,000 pounds dry.
  • A six-passenger gas-powered golf cart weighs about 1,150 pounds dry.

Electric Battery Golf Carts

There is a significant difference in weight between electric vehicles that run on a bank of 12-volt deep cycle batteries and those that run on lithium batteries. Take this into consideration when selecting a model if you need to tow your golf cart. Choose a model that will not exceed your vehicle towing specifications.

The batteries could be uninstalled from the golf cart and carried separately inside the tow vehicle to lower the towing weight. However, this is inconvenient and requires reinstallation of the battery bank later.

  • A two-passenger 48-volt electric golf cart will carry four 12-volt deep-cycle batteries and weigh about 900 pounds with the batteries installed.
  • The same two-passenger gas model with a 56.7-volt engine carrying a lithium battery will weigh 662 pounds. This is a significant weight saving over traditional electric batteries.
  • A four-passenger 72-volt electric golf cart with six 12-volt deep cycle batteries on board will weigh over 1,400 pounds.
  • The same four-passenger golf cart with a 56-volt engine and a lithium battery will weigh just over 1,000 pounds. That is a 400-pound weight reduction.
  • A six-passenger 72-volt golf cart will carry six 12-volt deep cycle batteries and weigh over 1,500 pounds.
  • The same six-passenger cart sports a 56-volt engine and runs on three lithium batteries. This brings the weight to 1,225 pounds. A weight savings of about 275 pounds.

Factors that drastically change Electric Golf Cart Weights


Lithium batteries in a golf cart will weigh signifacantly less than a lead acid battery. On average, a lithium ion battery pack will weigh about 90 pounds vs a lead acid pack weighing over 300+. This weight savings also usually brings more amp hours for longer runtimes, but even more runtime due to less weight.

A 48v golf cart will usually have more batteries than a 36v model which in turn means more golf cart weight.

There is also a noticeable difference in horsepower between the machines. The traditional deep cycle battery machines have higher horsepower than lithium machines. However, due to the overall weight and factory speed limiting, it is not possible to determine if this translates to an overall power, torque, or speed reduction on the lithium models.

A significant advantage of choosing lithium over deep-cycle batteries is that the storage that would be taken up with a bank of deep-cycle batteries is now available as on-board storage. While this does not change the factory load capacity specifications, in reality, it allows you to bring more items into onboard storage. Also, the weight reduction from fewer batteries allows you to bring a few more pounds of cargo with you in the cart.

Multi-Terrain Golf Carts

These types of golf carts come with both gasoline and electric motors, though not all models have both types of engines available to order. These carts have raised suspension, upgraded shocks, better all-terrain tires, a higher limited speed range, and maximum fuel capacity. These are made for working, but they can be very fun to cruise around on large acreage property. Many are capable of light off-roading or trail riding.

Some are designed with small beds on the back for groundskeeping and equipment hauling. Sometimes golf facilities use this style of cart for on-course food and beverage vending. These can also be outfitted with additional seating and racks depending on the needs of the end-user. This style of golf cart is often used for moving guests from one point to another at a large venue such as a stadium, airport, or fairgrounds.

  • A lifted four-passenger cart with onboard storage and a 429cc OHV gasoline engine weighs about 875 pounds. With six gallons of fuel in the tank, that brings the total weight to about 912 pounds.
  • The same lifted four-passenger cart with a 48-volt electric engine carries six 8-volt batteries onboard and weighs in at 1,125 pounds.
  • The same lifted four-passenger cart with a single 58-volt lithium-ion battery weighs in at 895 pounds. That is a weight savings of 230 pounds.

Specialty Golf Carts

There are golf carts for every luxury preference and stylistic whim. Some styles can be specially ordered from factories, and some are available as mass production vehicles. Specialty styles range from golf carts styled as various limousines, Rolls Royces, classic Chevys, and custom rat rods to Jeeps, Dodge pickups, and Hummers.

Some local municipalities or closed communities have ordinances that allow certain golf carts to be used on public streets, as long as they are deemed street legal. This means that they have:

  • Working headlights
  • Taillights
  • Turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Side mirrors
  • Local regulations may have additional requirements

The addition of stylistic body packages, safety cages, additional lights, racks, and higher capacity batteries and fuel tanks causes the weight of these vehicles to fluctuate widely. Contact the manufacturer for exact vehicle weight before ordering to be sure that you can tow or haul the golf cart.


The gross vehicle weight of a golf cart varies widely depending on the model you choose and the engine type you prefer. Golf carts range in size from two-passenger seating and no storage that weighs as little as 675 pounds to six-passenger seating with additional rack storage that weighs over 1,500 pounds. Custom body styles and additional equipment will add to the vehicle weight.

If weight is the primary concern, then gasoline models consistently weigh the least, but the addition of gas makes the weight slightly more than a lithium-ion battery-powered model. Of the models that run on electric batteries, the lithium-ion powered models weigh significantly less than 12-volt deep cycle battery models. Additionally, the lower battery weight means that you can carry more cargo in the increased storage areas.