How Long Do Golf Carts Last?

Before spending a lot of money, how long a golf cart lasts is an important question to consider. The answer even affects whether you are a company looking to purchase golf carts for the course or an individual looking to invest in a private golf cart.

The average useful lifespan of a golf cart is 10 to 20 years. These figures depend on many factors and can be much higher. General maintenance of golf carts plays a role in their lifespan. Other variables such as overall design aspects and cost also influence how long golf carts last. 

Some golf cart manufacturers say that golf carts can last up to 30 years. This figure may be accurate based on whether the cart and engine parts are maintained or regularly replaced. This claim also refers to the durability of the cart’s frame rather than the engine’s durability. 

What Influences How Long Golf Carts Last?

Several different variables influence the longevity of a golf cart. These variables are for gas and electric powered golf carts, the main difference being mechanical vs. battery maintenance factors.

Maintenance Influence How Long Golf Carts Last

Maintenance is always an essential factor when determining how long something will last. In this case, golf carts need extensive care, and with increased care comes an increased lifespan. 

Everyday wear and tear or damage to the golf cart will influence its duration. Damage can be either to the frame and materials from which the cart is built or the machinery required to work correctly, like the engine or battery.  

If it’s an electric golf cart, the battery must be maintained. Overcharging and neglecting to check the water levels can cause a reduced battery lifespan. Alternatively, general maintenance like checking for engine wire frays is crucial if you have a gas-operated cart. 

Durability Influence How Long Golf Carts Last 

The durability of the golf cart plays a prominent role in how long it lasts. The frame and materials of the cart need to be solid and sturdy enough to withstand any external forces. These could include extreme weather aspects or everyday bumps from driving. 

Many golf carts use stainless steel for the frames, which is a sturdy material. This ups the durability factor and will likely result in your golf cart lasting longer, however, steel can rust.

If you live in a northern climate or near the ocean, you should be rinsing the frame of the cart frequently to ensure that rust doesn’t build up.

You will next need to scrape off any rust and apply new paint on the frame to make it last longer. It may be that more expensive carts are made from more durable materials. 

Battery Lifespan Influence How Long Electric Golf Carts Last

Together with the durability of the outside of the golf cart, the battery’s durability is equally important. While the golf cart itself may last up to 30 years if well maintained, the battery may only last 4 to 7 years. 

This number can also vary depending on how often the golf cart is used. Private carts are usually used much less than commercial carts for public use at golf courses. 

Here is an idea of how often different golf carts are used – about 2 to 3 times daily during high season for commercial ones and only about 3 to 5 times per week for private use carts. Therefore, the battery power on commercial carts has to be charged much more regularly, influencing how often you need to replace them.

Make sure to keep the water levels in your battery monitored and filled up with distilled water only. Never use tap water.

Batteries are easily replaceable and should be done as they mature and don’t last as long.

Environmental Conditions Effect The Longevity Of Golf Carts

The terrain on which the golf cart is driven affects how long it will last. If the path for the golf cart is rocky or not neatly paved, then this can also damage the cart over time. 

If the cart is driven in very wet conditions, it can impact the tires or cause electrical shorts if a battery is involved. High summer temperatures may cause damage to the battery too. The sun’s constant damaging rays also harm the outside of the cart over time, resulting in overall wear and tear.

Maintenance also involves deciding where to store the golf cart, keeping these external conditions in mind. Leaving it outside to the mercy of the elements will shorten the overall lifespan of the cart. A covered storage area is a much better option and could save you a lot of maintenance money in the long run. 

Storing your Golf Cart

Where you store your golf cart can influence how long it will last. If you keep it in the garage and clean, it will last much longer than if you leave it out in the weather. If you do have to leave it outside, invest in a good cover to keep the rain, snow, and sun from doing its damage.

Keeping your Gas Golf Cart Maintained Long Term

Gas golf carts have complicated engines vs just replacing the batteries. This will entail you performing regular oil changes, filter changes, and tuning up the engine. If you keep up on this, your engine won’t be the first thing to fail on your golf cart.

How Much Do Golf Carts Cost?

There are different options if you want to invest in a golf cart. Depending on your budget and need, you can go for a new cart or a second-hand one. A new golf cart can start at roughly $7,500-$18,000 dollars and be more expensive depending on its features. 

A used golf cart is much cheaper and starts at about $2,000 dollars, depending on its use. Importantly, to ensure an excellent future lifespan, you can check the overall durability condition of the cart before making your decision. 

You may assume that used carts won’t have a very long lifespan for their new owners, but this isn’t necessarily the case. If the cart is well maintained, stored in a covered area, and relatively young, it can last many more years. 

Do Electrical Or Gas Golf Carts Last Longer?

Although, on average, it costs more to operate and maintain a gas golf cart than an electric golf cart, both carts have around the same lifespan. Some argue that electric golf carts are much better in maintenance and, therefore, longevity. 

The argument is that gas golf carts are generally cared for like cars – the oil needs to be changed, and mechanical repairs and replacements are sometimes required. Besides the heavy maintenance costs, the fuel price also needs to be factored in. 

Considering these aspects of gas golf carts, electric carts may last longer. If electric carts are less expensive, owners may be prone to regular maintenance and care, causing increased lifespan. 


Golf carts can last anywhere between 10-20 years, depending on many factors. Some say that a well-maintained golf cart can last up to 30 years. The critical point is to take care of the golf cart, including the hardware and the mechanical or electrical components.

Prospective golf cart owners should also consider the cost of a cart, especially if you have to replace the cart every few years. Gas or electric golf carts are also slightly different regarding price and how long they last.