Is Club Car Better Than EZGO? 10 Major Differences

Club Car and EZGO are among the most popular golf cart models on the market. Many buyers consider these two models the best out there. They are popular because they both focus on quality, beauty, and durability. However, it is difficult to say which model is better than the other. Hence, the need to compare … Read more

What’s the Difference between the EZGo RXV and TXT?

Nowadays, golf carts are practical and versatile vehicles that are no longer reserved for golfing only. They are used for beaching, to haul products around the neighborhood, for yard work, or just getting around the community. So golf cart manufacturers tend to produce newer models to satisfy these broader uses of golf carts. A newer … Read more

How to Find the Year of Your Golf Cart

A lot of the times we have to install new parts or golf cart accessories into the golf cart or just perform a simple repair. It may be during the process of a wheel or tire change, or just introducing new material into the cart, eg, lift kit. When undertaking any of these, it is … Read more

How a Golf Simulator Works

If you are a lover of golf and find it difficult going out in some cases, it is about time you consider using a golf simulator. Golf simulators work by using technology to monitor launch speed, angle, and club data to give golfers an identical feeling to what they will experience on the golf course … Read more

How far should a screen be from a golf simulator?

For golfers who would love to perfect their skills or would like to be able to play rain or shine, a golf simulator could be the perfect addition to their home. Having friends over and enjoying a game of golf will make the perfect weekend activity throughout the winter and even the summer. Before you … Read more